Agile Marketing and its history

What is Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is a tactical marketing strategy in which marketing teams jointly select projects with a high value to concentrate their efforts. 

Agile marketing teams work together to complete those projects using sprints (short, limited periods of intense work). They assess the effects of the initiatives after each sprint, and over time, they continuously and incrementally enhance the outcomes.

Agile teams may sometimes decide that a project is worthless and shouldn’t be carried out again, although this is still regarded as a success. Agile marketing welcomes failure as long as it teaches valuable lessons and results in future projects with great potential.

Values of Agile Marketing and what the Agile Marketing Department can do?

  • Adjusting to change as opposed to sticking to a plan
  • Swift iterations as opposed to large-scale initiatives
  • Test results and statistics over beliefs and customs
  • Many tiny tests over a few vast wagers

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