Why Does Your Business Need an Agile Marketing Guru?

Every business needs to have an Agile Marketing Guru to work that magic and that has become evident over the past few years. We have seen how many organizations have achieved overnight success and it is no secret that it has all been made possible due to adopting an Agile Methodology. Even statistics help us understand that the future of digital transformation is with Agile.

More than 93% of businesses have stated that by adopting Agile they have been successful in reaching the market faster with brilliant and successful marketing ideas. When many businesses are faced with the digital transformation there are multiple reasons that make them hesitant to say “yes”. Among all those reasons, what lays on top is the fear of change. Many organizations have backed down from a digital transformation simply because they are reluctant to change and embrace a transformation. It is understandable that an individual may not be pleased to change things they have been used to for a longer period of time. It is comforting to deal with what we know. However, if we stay behind closed doors enjoying our comfort zones we may never realize our true capacity and potential. 

If organizations convince their workforce to embrace this change, it can be said that they have overcome the biggest hurdle in transformation.  87% of the businesses have stated that adopting Agile has made their workforce productive and effective. Many organizations witness the true power of Agile once they start their transformation process itself.

However it is important to note a few things within your transformational process. After all, every good thing has a downside as well. During a digital transformation, iIt is crucial that the business allocates enough resources for each department including marketing to avoid burnout and dissatisfied employees. Having the right forces in the right numbers is essential to win a challenge. We at Audients Digital can help you streamline all your processes to take up this challenge. Sign up for training with us and let us become your Agile Marketing Guru!

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