Agile and its Principles

Agile Introduction

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Agile was a technique created by a group of software developers who considered their way of building software was not a good fit. They thought of a technique in which a team can deliver projects into different releases which they named as “ Agile methodology”.

Agile is a mindset which focuses upon delivering value to their customers and focuses upon continuously improving their products by working closely with their customers. Many people call it a framework/ technique/ approach but we can call it a mindset which aims to provide value driven solutions to the existing problem.

Agile Principles

There are 12 Agile Principles with defines every aspect of Agile Mindset:

  1. Think As a Customer
  2. See the whole
  3. Analyze to determine what is valuable
  4. Get real with examples
  5. Avoid waste steps, keep it simple
  6. Understand what is doable
  7. Stimulate collaboration and Continuous improvement
  8. Support and motivate your team.
  9. Measure progress
  10. Accommodate changing requirements
  11. Early delivery
  12. Self- organizing team

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