Why You Should Be a Digital Marketer Today

The world is digital now–almost everything is done for or on the internet these days. Social media is a part of our daily lives now. It is almost inseparable. So you must have heard about the word “digital marketing”. 

You experience it everyday! It is in our emails, social media platforms, and on our various browsers. But have you ever wondered how these ads are made? Is it something you fancy trying out sometime?

If your answer to the previous question was a “Yes”, you are in the right place. Even if your answer to the previous question was “No” , I implore you to keep reading and I am sure you would have a change of mind by the end of this reading. 

This blog is aimed to shade light on digital marketing and help you see why you should become a Digital Marketer

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is referred as marketing initiatives that incorporate the use of the internet or an electronic device, as well as commercial levers such as social media and email, to communicate with present and prospective clients

As the number of internet users increases and the more the internet is being integrated into our daily lives, this sector of the employment market keeps flourishing, and will continue to hire more people for many years to come. To take advantage of this opportunity, learning digital marketing is key.

Now that we know more about digital marketing, let’s go ahead to talk about some benefits:

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Many Job Opportunities

Digital Marketing skills are highly desirable in the workplace today. There is a constant demand for digital expertise across the world. As a digital marketer, you will always be relevant in the job market because most companies are seeking professionals that would effectively handle their digital marketing.

Good Income

Yes, everyone loves to earn good money! 

Even when we are doing a job we love, it is more satisfying when we get a great pay for it. Digital marketing offers this opportunity to earn enough money and still have flexibility (as previously stated). In 2021, the average digital marketer in Vancouver earned an average of 71,000 CAD every year. That’s pretty good isn’t it?


These days, most employees desire an employment that gives them flexibility to enjoy their hard earned money with family and friends as well as the leisure to do something that they enjoy. However, not many careers can guarantee this desire–except digital marketing! It is one of the few well paying career paths that guarantees your flexibility.

Which brings me to the next point;

Easy to Learn

Unlike many major top careers, you can have digital marketing skills in about 18 weeks for an  affordable price. You do not have to enroll into a University to get this skill (although there are plenty of digital marketing courses offered in Universities). But you could learn online from the best and from the comfort of your home.

Creative freedom

Digital marketing is a career path that allows for creativity. If you are a creative genius and would love a career that genuinely allows you to express your creativity, then digital marketing is right for you.

Now that I have sparked your interest in digital marketing, you may be wondering: “what is the best place to learn digital skills?” Do not worry, I have got your back!

A group of experienced and dedicated experts in digital and agile transformations created a Digital Transformation and Marketing Training and Consulting group called Audients Digital to train, empower, and enable digital competence for everyone! 

Check them out today and begin your beautiful journey into digital marketing.

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