Audients Digital And What it Offers

What is Audients Digital?

Audients Digital is a Marketing and IT training group based in Toronto, Canada founded by experienced and passionate experts in Digital Marketing, IT Development, and Agile Transformations. We specialize in high-quality onsite and virtual IT and Digital Marketing certification training courses. Our focus widely spreads from marketing, Business Analysis, IT Project Management, IT Services on Certified SCRUM Master and Scaled Agile Certifications.


Audients Digital believes Digitization is a transformation for all – corporates, companies, and employees. We are driven to listen, train, enable and empower Digital Competence to make a change. And this is why we offer a range of services and comprehensive courses covering areas of IT Professionals, Agile Transformations and Digital marketing segments. Equipped with certifications and courses for everyone to suit all needs, interests and experience levels. 


Audients Digital offers different type of certifications to help you gain more knowledge and experiences through various courses offering different certificates. Here are some of the certificates we offer:



Digital Marketing

If you are interested for more, visit this: View more courses.

Overall, Audients Digital will be of great help for you and your business in todays digital age. So start now your digital transformation journey with Audients Digital. For more information about us, visit

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