Agile Marketing: Everyone Should Know It

What is Agile Marketing?

Have you ever been asked if you’ve watched a certain movie, have a certain app, or play a certain game that you’ve never heard about? 

Agile Marketing is an effective organizational strategy that involves cross-functional, self-organizing teams doing work in repetitive processes. 

The purpose of Agile Marketing is to drive growth by focusing efforts and resources that deliver value to end-customers.

Agile Marketing is a wonderful practice that applies certain principles and concepts derived from agile software development. Agile Marketing may help increase speed, quality, flexibility and effectiveness in a marketing team.

Efforts are focused on the best delivery of value to the customer.

Agile Marketing Principles

 In Agile Marketing, many effective principles, tools and resources are used. In a nutshell, breaking down work into small increments, gathering continuous feedback, adapting to changes, and allowing flexibility within the process can help drive success.

Drawing upon Agile’s methodology, Agile Marketing utilizes a short-term plan and a long-term plan, while also taking current circumstances into consideration.


Some common principles include:

  • Responding to change, rather than following a plan (adaptability)
  • Swift repetitions of small work increments instead of a big project
  • Gathering data and running tests instead of using opinions and other decisions previously made
  • Lots of small experiments in regards to a big decision
  • Collaboration instead of a corporate hierarchy

As you can see above, the principles are very interesting as they call for a constantly changing, adaptable, fast-paced learning environment that requires lots of learning, evaluation, and re-evaluation to adapt accordingly to recent changes.

Agile Marketing Principles

Here’s a good example of the benefits of Agile Marketing:


Agile Marketing can lead to a significant increase in collaboration, productivity and revenue. In addition, it allows for greater flexibility and better decision making based on the Agile Principles above.

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