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What is Agile digital marketing?

Agile Marketing is an organization effectiveness strategy that uses a self -organizing, cross-functional team doing work in frequent iteration.It aims to drive growth by focusing team efforts on those that deliver to the end-customer .-Wikipedia.

Agile Digital marketing is essentially a way of managing your marketing department,projects and campaigns that helps deal with fluctuating priorities,the evolving needs of the customer and technologies.It allows rapid response to industry development and uses adaptive strategic planning which is conducted in an honest and transparent way.

Agile marketing is a sum total approach put forth for predictable ,fast and transparent change to market function.

What are the principles used in Agile marketing

The principles are as follows-

  • To keep the customer satisfied.
  • Bring about a change that is welcomed and incorporated.
  • Deliver frequently high end content 
  • Team motivation
  • Learn from failure
  • Focus on marketing fundamentals
  • Keep it simple and collaborated
  • Use of technology
  • Allow feedback and develop better ways of working .

What Are the benefits of Agile Marketing

Agile marketing brings about increased productivity and this however could be different based on the level of productivity ,Some may measure productivity based on results like visitors’ involvement to the site , the number of visitors, the sales and the enquiries.

    It also brings about transparency and prioritization in the digital marketing platform . Transparency is where the clients interact with the the marketing teams and engage closely with a high degree of honesty .The sprint Planning team prioritizes their customers request and carry them out as soon as possible to bring about a high degree of customer satisfaction.

   Another key Value of agile marketing is measurability and the ability to adapt to change . Agile marketing teams run tests measuring the results and investing in the best outcome of the tests and therefore adapt quickly to that change . With the changing marketing conditions the agile team can bring about the quick change and adapt too.

Last but not the least it calls for customer satisfaction and brings along with it competitiveness in increasing customer satisfaction. Above all it improves the internal communication through the scrum meeting . Everyone has an idea what everyone is doing or working on and the obstacles that are coming up with solutions to those problems.

Traditional marketing VS Agile marketing

Traditional marketing focuses on controlling the marketing with information or the message and above all trying to own the brand . However agile marketing focuses more on enhancement on customers and takes into consideration engagement and transparency with honest interaction with the customer bringing around customer satisfaction .We at Audient Digital partner with skilled professionals that to utilize agile skills and help you sharpen your abilities .

             What are the physical tools of Agile Marketing?

Some of the physical tools are as follows-

Sprint /Scrum

 Sprint are short , repeated blocks of time in which key parts of the project are completed

Scrum on the other hand is the name of an Agile project management methodology that uses a set process /protocol to enhance collaboration and continuously improve upon problems.

Frog Tape

These are used to hold index/note cards on the scrum board.


Cards on cards on cards 

These are cards which have different meaning 

  • White cards: Sprint cards that are planned .
  • Orange cards: These are unplanned sprint cards which are counted at the end of the sprint  .
  • Yellow cards: These are cards not yet put up for the sprint and could come up once a new campaign starts .

TV /monitors for demonstration..

This is used for a sprint review whenever the campaign or the project is finished.

An example of using an agile framework.

The Agile Framework

Strategy :Start by setting goals for a project .If we are to look at content we will analyze the audience and what they will get from that content . Analyzing helps to see what is working and what is not .

Launch:launching a website enables a business to begin gathering all the data to be used for redesigning .A launchpad website is easy to create .

Plan,build, learn and transfer:For iterative development and the improvement we are to repeat the cycle of building , learning , planning and transfering.

Plan:Here you determine what we  want to complete in the sprint .during time we pick up items from the wish list 

Build :This calls for building the launch pad and completing the tasks . include the performance metrics.

Learn and Transfer:It is at this time we learn the data from the tests and see what is working and what is not working .Finally the information is shared so that the team can decide what adjustments need to be made .



As digital marketing is evolving and becoming the need of the day in marketing it is crucial to be prepared with some knowledge in order to see a successful business and also get the results fast . It offers limitless possibilities and it is not too late to start discovering it .

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