Home Appliances Marketing Strategy

1- Our Company

RITTON Home Appliances Company is a company headquartered in Montreal with offices in Asia. The company’s mission is to introduce the brand all over the world.

– SWOT Analysis

As RITTON Home Appliances marketing team, we want to help the brand lean into what it does well, improve what it doesn’t, capitalize on what it can do, and defend against what could challenge it. With that in mind, here is our SWOT analysis for 2022.

What we’re good at providing and producing the equities.Many years of experience and creating several brands.Strong network of providers and customersThe brands are not famous for all people.Advertisement channels are not active.There is no information from the customers.
Promoting the products through new brands.Monitoring the customers behavior. Providing, production and selling Competitors are raising money for marketingCovid 19 affects on the supply chain

– Business Initiatives

RITTON COMPANY has the ambitious goal of selling 100,000 of 2022 products. To help the business do that, our marketing team will pursue the following initiatives in 2022:

Being the resource of contents 
DescriptionOver the next 12 months, we’ll work on building a blog property that becomes a go-to resource for our customers’ burning questions – and our number-one source of leads month over month.
Goal of initiativeTo increase our website’s rank on Google and create critical top-of-the-funnel marketing content that helps our sales team start more conversations with prospects.
Metrics to measure success50,000 organic page views per month / 10 content downloads per month

2- Target Market

– Industries

In 2022, we’re targeting the following industries where we’ll sell our product and reach out to customers:

Industry 1This includes all the countries in Asia and Middle east such as organizations and retails.

– Buyer Personas

Within our target market(s), we’ve identified the following buyer personas to represent our ideal customers:

Buyer Persona 1This includes families, schools, and other personal usage.

– Competitive Analysis

Within our target market(s), we expect to compete with the following companies:

General Electric
Products we compete withAutomate Washing machine: this brand produces this kind of product which is very popular.
Other ways we competeThis competitor has a blog that ranks highly on Google for many of the same keywords we would like to write content on
Products we compete withVacuum cleaner  
Other ways we competeThis competitor has a blog that ranks highly on Google for many of the same keywords we would like to write content on

Target Market

3- Product

The new washing machine which is very small and efficient and useful for places with not much space. People in small apartments or buildings can use that. The economy price and the efficient usage are the main parameters.    

– Price

The price is 80$ and less than other competitors products. There is a seasonal discount for people who want to buy the watching mashing with referral code.

– Promotion

Promote people to refer to the product and offer more discounts by signing up on the site.

– People

Product manager has a wide point of view to present the product and knows how to advertise the features of the product. He can draw a road map for the marketing group and make them integrated.  

4- Budget
Over the course of 2022, given the cash allotted to the Marketing team, we expect to invest in the following items to ensure we meet the objectives outlined in this marketing plan:

Marketing ExpenseEstimated Price
Promotion in 100 popular pages in social media with over than 200K followers20000$
Physical Advertisement15000$
Email Marketing5000$

5- Marketing Channels

Over the course of 2022, we will launch/ramp up our use of the following channels for educating our customers, generating leads, and developing brand awareness:

Purpose of channelBrand Awareness
Metrics to measure success30,000 unique page views per month
Social Media: Instagram, Telegram, Facebook
Purpose of channelBrand Awareness
Metrics to measure success5000 followers per month

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