Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for Cakes by BUSI

Bakery products have become indispensable in the modern way of living. At the same time, several bakeries are popping up on many streets today, making the competition fierce and multi-faceted. It is imperative to have strategies for digital marketing for the baking industry to succeed today.

People in the contemporary world are used to online means for browsing, choosing, and purchasing almost anything they need. So, naturally, regardless of whether you run a humble retail bakery or an established baking brand, you have to follow the digital path to make your products visible and known to buyers.

vision & mission


We are passionate about baking innovative products that taste great and make every eating experience more satisfying. We will never compromise our product quality or family values, and we will work each day to exceed customer expectations one order at a time.


To become the Nation’s number 1 Neighborhood bakery in Durban South Africa, and To provide baked goods of exceptional quality to every customer in Durban.

Short-term Goals

  • Improve your customer service
  • Develop a new recipe of cupcakes
  • Incorporate social media marketing
  • reach out to 20 prospective customers per day
  • respond to all online queries on social media and email within 15 minutes of
  • receiving them during working hours; and

Long term Goals

  • Cakes by Busi long term goal for the next six months to a year is to make her business national and get major celebrities to come in and try her products and get good reviews on them.
  • In five years Cakes by Busi sees their business in top charts with #1 bakeries in KZN. 


  • Defining and attracting  target customers (strategic objectives)

One of the fundamental strategic objectives for cakes by Busi is defining and attracting your target clientele. Settling this as early as possible in your planning process is important because it’s key in determining how you’ll build your business

  • keep your food cost and labor costs (operating objectives)

operating objectives are similarly important because they provide the structure that will help you achieve your strategic objectives. keep your costs very low to compete with national cake businesses

Other objectives include.

  • building a broad and committed customer base 
  • developing a business model that brings in enough income to cover your expenses despite a potentially high level of waste
  • Building a wholesale clientele

Online Strategy plan

Creative online marketing is a great driver of any business. This holds good for the bakery industry as well. Offering consumers the opportunity to go through the various categories and choices, and make their pick easily is a basic requirement today.

The bakery industry—with its own wide variety of products with different colours and flavours—must make effective digital marketing campaigns its primary business strategy. Smart online marketing has the potential to dramatically increase the customer base of your bakery for less than the cost of traditional advertising.

  1. Creating a Business Website

In the digital era, a website, of course, is an absolute must for any modern business. Web presence is essential to achieve excellent online visibility that helps your customers to find your brand easily. A new, attractive website will act as an effective marketing tool that facilitates generating exposure and awareness.

  1.  Ensure Your Website Shines and Stands Out
  • Your website is the window that enables your customers to see through and get to know your products. By following certain techniques, you may make your website not only fascinating but also efficient from a business perspective.
  • Making it Simple and Easy Navigation
  • Optimize Your Online Presence
  • Identify and make use of the best SEO terms. Invest money and effort into the SEO process and use relevant phrases and keywords in your website.SEO process significantly helps to achieve a good ranking in the prominent search engines while also providing an improved user experience
  1. Create a Social Media Presence

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook provide umpteen possibilities to put up your content for view by the public. Create your page on these powerful channels and encourage customers to subscribe to your page. Social media marketing has become an inherent part of the digital marketing strategy related to bakeries—small and big. Invest in the following platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • tiktok

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