Digital Marketing Strategy for SR Performance

High Performance to street cars we do it all.

Covid-19 turned the world upside down but the people still have to go to work and to get to work you need transport and your transport like yourself needs to be taken care of.

In this day and age if you aren’t Digital then you aren’t keeping with the times.

Who are We, Why are we?

Racecar, Performance

SR Performance is a Performance car shop that specializes in maintenance and high performance upgrades of all types of vehicles as well as custom builds.With over 90 years of combined experience they are leaders of their field worldwide. 

Goals and Aspirations

We have multiple long and short term goal.

Short Term:

  • Increase our Social Media presence
  • Average 10 Car Services per month 
  • Average 2 Large Scale builds every 6 months

Long Term:

  • Gain 50 000 followers this year
  • Average 25 Car Services per month
  • Average 5 Large Scale Builds every 6 months
  • Open a 2nd Branch

Who Needs SR Performance

Everyone needs transport and reliable transport at that.

SR Performance helps the everyday person with keeping their vehicles in top notch condition so they don’t have to.

For all the petrol heads out there SR Performance also caters for high horsepower builds.

Where will we find potential buyers?

By looking into our target audience and finding the right people.

  • People who follow car pages
  • Individuals who own vehicles without service plans
  • Customers who follow racing 

Our Performance Market

SR Performance was the very first people to build a turbo petrol engine in South Africa so we specialize mainly in turbocharged cars and building the highest HP cars in the country.

We specialize in multiple manufacturers but are world renowned for our work with German manufactured vehicles such as Audi, VW, Mercedes and Porsche.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy for SR Performance

–   Create our website with our products and a section for motorsport awareness.

–   Manage our account with Google My Business

–   Utilize SEO to expand our brand awareness

–  Manage our social media account and post attractive content and interact with our followers

–   Use paid social media advertising

–   Measure or ROI on paid advertising

–   Monitor and store our metrics including visits, pages per visit, SEO and make adjustments as needed.

–   Reevaluate our goals every quarter.

Digital marketing is essential for a successful business. Here at Audients Digital we have multiple courses and options to help you expand your Digital Presence.

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