Marketing Strategy for Mercy’s Cafe

Cafes are mostly a place where students work on group studies and enjoy the coffee or where busy individuals can relax and enjoy a coffee.To stand out as Cafe you need to create an authentic brand and product .

An aesthetic coffee shop

Target Audience

Male and female

Ages 18-60

You need to get picture yourself as the group of target audience.What would you want your dream Cafe to have?A calm environment, so you can be motivated to work?Cheap hot beverages because you are still a student?


1.Create a web page for Mercy’s Cafe where the customers have access to all the Cafe has to offer from the food available, types of hot beverages.Put in images of the Cafe to help customers visualise themselves in the Cafe.

2.Establish your brand:Your motto as a company.Set branding guide lines in which customers can tell the difference to your company and your competitors.This in the long term creates Loyal customers

3.Sign in to Google My business:This will help building your digital fingerprint.It will help reach local potential customers.It will also in turn help you build creditability and insight of what your clients think about your product

4.Start blog linked to your webpage:A blog will help you improve your SEO

5.Do a proper research on your competitors.What are they failing to deliver that you can?Aesthetics also come to play.People want to be in an aesthetic pleasing environment.

6.Do a social media schedule :Set time and date you post your product, create informative, interractive and educational posts of your product to engage with your audience and build on more potential customers.Have recents customers post and tag the Cafe that way it reaches more people and creates more followers.Social media is now the most convenient way people learn about new things.Post everyday

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