Strategy plan for JET FUEL 


JET FUEL is a specific marketing agency focusing on SEO, SMM, and PPC marketing. 


In the short term, jet fuel would like to have 4 monthly clients within 3 months of starting up. And a basic turnover of R10 000. 

In 6 Months after opening jet fuel would like to have 6 customers with a turnover of R12500. 

In 12 Months jet fuel would like to have 12 customers with R20 000 monthly turnover.

In 24 Months jet fuel would like to have 15 Customers with R30 000 Turnover.

How will this be achieved? 

We will target smaller service businesses that need to increase their sales. We will offer them Google ads first and then when they are busier add on Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram. After this has been going on for a while we will offer the SEO which includes 2 blogs a month. 

Target Market:

Smaller Businesses that need help with Google ads and SMM. 

Prices will be as follows: 

Google ads: R3500 set up and R1500 a month retainer for optimizing and maintenance.

SMM: R1600 a month for creating and posting 2 times a week and if the client wishes to then have a spend amount on boosting these posts.

SEO: R2900 a month. Includes 2 blog posts a month that have been keyword optimized. Optimize the website and add alt tags to all images as well as keyword research.

Problems that could occur:

Clients cancel suddenly and then you have lost a monthly payment. 

Places to advertise:

On social media, a small amount on google ads, and then mostly focus on word of mouth. Start with friends and family. 

Ways to convince people to use you:

Demonstrate other businesses you are advertising for and show the results you have received. 

I believe that by starting small and growing the business slowly with local customers that it will be a success!

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