Pharmaceutical Company: RX Medicals


RX is a licensed pharmaceutical company that was started by two family members, named Bongani and Pakamisa Raziya.

The aim of our business is to source out pharmaceuticals and medical supply products on an international scale. We would focus firstly on the unmet needs in South Africa then, update our pharmaceutical portfolio by identifying new trends in treatments.


  • Mr Bongani Raziya (Chairman) -Co-founder, Director and Shareholder
  • Mr Pakamisa Raziya (Head of Marketing and Logistics)- Co-founder, Director and Shareholder
  • Dr. Xolani W Njovane (Managing Director and Head of Medical Affairs)- Director and Shareholder
  • Mr. Tielman Nieuwoudt (Nominee/RP and Head of Scientific Affairs)- Director and Shareholder


To source and provide innovative pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. In this we would:

–   Create an empower employees with the necessary skills

–   Combine in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to ensure quality products and services are provided at competitive prices to patients and other end-users.

Values & Objectives

●  Products Excellence

●  Professionalism

●  Empowering Environment


Our head office, which is also the Marketing Authorisation Holding (“MAH”)office, is situated in Stellenbosch. All functions of the business are managed from this premises.

Distribution and technical quality agreements are performed by a licensed third party wholesalers to handle all logistical aspects of our products to ensure that the health product reach the specific health care professionals.


Therefore we are confident in the ability of our team, to distribute quality and excellence. Please feel free drop us an email to:

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