Digital Marketing: The Remarkable Strategy

Digital Marketing: The Remarkable Strategy

Marketing Strategy in the Chess World

The Chess World

Chess is known to be the gymnasium of the mind. As a result of Covid-19 chess tournaments, gatherings and festivals activity plummeted due to the deadly virus. A digital marketing strategy for chess businesses allows entrepreneurs to connect and engage with consumers in a direct manner.

Chess business suffered severely as most chess related activities over the board came to a halt. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Chess businesses adapted to the pandemic and chess users have even grown since the arrival of Covid-19. Chess is more than a sport. It connects friends, families and engages the mind. This is why every successful business requires a digital marketing strategy

Measuring the success of your digital marketing strategy

Make The Right Moves for your Business

Digital marketing is extremely important to the success of the business. The current success of the business plays an important role towards measuring its success. Businesses can use digital platforms and access relevant data to gain valuable insight.

Digital channels such as Instagram and Facebook provide analytics as well as insights. These analytics and insights allow understanding in the following:

  • Tracking business performance
  • Track audience
  • Which demographics engage in your content
  • Analyze content
  • Engagement activity between customer and business
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Costs
  • Performance reviews

Identify your business goals

Identifying Your Business Goals

The evaluation of your business analytics depicts how the business is operating. So the next step is to set goals. You have to ask yourself “what do I want to achieve?”

Identifying and setting goals promotes direction for your business. They set forth an action plan that helps establish a timeframe. The time frame refers to your businesses short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals range between 0 – 6 months and long-term goals range from over 6 months.

For instance, you just started a chess coaching business by training, mentoring and selling chess equipment from your business. Here is an example of how you would set short-term and long-term goals.

Short-term goals

  • Within 3 months, I want 15 chess sets sold per month.
  • Within 4 months, I want to get at least 5 new students per month to coach.
  • Within 5 months, I want to host 1 tournament per month.
  • Within 6 months, I want to have at least 400 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Long-term goals

  • Within 7 months, I want 30 chess sets sold per month.
  • Within 8 months, I want to get at least 10 students per month.
  • Within 9 months, I want to host 2 tournaments per month.
  • Within 10 months, I want to have at least 1000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure the goals your establish are S.M.A.R.T

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

Creating an Online Presence

Business in the Online World

Covid-19 introduced and encouraged new ways of conducting business. Entrepreneurs became increasingly aware of the importance of creating some kind of digital footprint. The ramifications of Covid-19 meant more businesses were going digital.

As a result of t digital transformation, the average number of chess users on grew from 60 000 in March, 2020 to 120 000 in November 2021. On the other hand, The United States of America saw a 25% rise in the sale of chess sets in 2021. 

Why is a digital footprint so important?

More than 50% of customers do online research before purchasing any product. Customers want to know more information about your product. Hence, there is more competition in the market and this is why a webpage is so essential.

Chess businesses need to create a webpage because it provides a place where customers can find more information about your products and services. Customers want to know where and how to get your products and services. The business therefore establishes a digital connection with the world.

Google My Business

The easiest and best way to provide visibility for your business is done with Google My Business. Within a matter of clicks, you can set your business up for free and get it listed on the local searches and Google Maps. As a result of the world moving to a digital world, an increasing amount of customers are making their purchases online. 

Research Competition

Research Your Business Competition

Every business has competition. There are more than one business providing the same product. For this reason, businesses have to look at their competition. By looking at your competitors, you will be able to see where you are succeeding and where you aren’t. Chess businesses have to conduct research on their competitors to remain relevant and engage with their customers.

Checking Competitors Social Networks

Social networks are responsible for directly connecting the consumer with the business. By checking the competitors’ social networks, you can find new ways of generating organic traffic. Social networks are a method of brand building that allows businesses to grow and establish their businesses.

Webpage Results

Checking the webpage results of your competitors are essential for business growth. By doing this, chess businesses are able to better appear in search results. Webpage results increase flexibility, branding and credibility of a business. Search engine optimization is a key factor to improve how customers receive web results. 

The Importance of Content

The type of content a business advertises is an important part of engaging its customers. The content chess businesses create narrows the target audience it seeks. Content is a means of showing customers information that attracts them to your business. By creating good content, consumers have enough knowledge and information regarding your products and services.

Business model: Digital Marketing Strategy

Business Strategy Model

Awareness: A business has to identify online communities. Google search generates 3.5 million searches per day, dominating 90% of the search engine market. These contain articles, podcasts, Facebook ads, Google searches, YouTube videos and SEO metrics.

( Number of visitors visiting the website. )

Interest: Allowing customers to follow or subscribe to your content is an interesting way to engage their interest. Chess businesses have to create ways to rank their top content to keep customers interested. These include articles and newsletters that attract potential customers’ interest. The business has to make use of an email list in order to engage with customers.

( Number of people signing up for the email list. )

Insights: The interest generated from chess businesses content and brand awareness allows for in-depth insight. Insight is a valuable tool that enables businesses to make adjustments and align their business vision, mission and goals.

( Analytics of data )

Consideration: A chess business has to help the customer discover why they need a specific product or service. This is done by means of a nurture sequence. The nurture sequence guides the consumer with a narrative using blogging, tips and email based sign-ups.

( Click-through-rate for email sequence. )

Conversion: The conversion step is to establish a compelling reason for the consumer to sign up using several methods. Conversion users smart communication and persuasive language to get customers to purchase products and services. These include added features, free lessons, discounts, free equipment or free entry to sign up.

( Number of people purchasing products and services )

Retargeting: After some customers have experienced your content, services and products they might have not purchased anything but remained interested. The business engages with customers who have left the website to get them to return.

( Number of customers engaging with business. )


 Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Measure the Success of Your Digital Marketing Strategy.
  •  Tracking business performance
  • Track audience
  • Which demographics engage in your content
  • Analyze content
  • Engagement activity between customer and business
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Costs
  • Performance reviews
  1. Identify Your Business Goals.

Identify business long-term and short-term goals.

  1. Online Presence.

          Creating an Online Presence

          Why is a digital footprint important?

          Google My Business

  1. Research Competition.

Checking competitors Social Networks

Webpage Results

Importance of Content

  1. Business Model.







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