Digital Marketing Strategy for The Pro Shop

COVID-19 has impacted everything from our individual lives to business and more. The pandemic has caught everyone off guard causing people to remain at home but this is an opportunity for business. Because there are so many people at home many of them spend their time squaring over the internet begging to come across your POST!  This is where the Power of Digital Marketing comes.

The Pro Shop is a retail store that sells various golfing equipment. Opened their first store in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD in 1976. With the right tools and strategy, the Pro Shop can seize this opportunity to grow its digital Footprint.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a much quicker way of getting your business out there than having to use printed materials. With the click of a button, you can reach thousands and even millions of people. There are billions of people on social media sites that provide your company with billions of opportunities and consumers. You just have to catch their eye with an eccentric post or an informative and interesting blog. Some customers may seem accismus but with regular interactions, they will be intrigued.

Digital Marketing brings a dynamic edge to your business and how to showcase your products/services. One of the biggest reasons digital marketing has become so important is because of the instant engagement it brings.

Digital Marketing will spread the name of the PRO SHOP throughout the country and even seize an opportunity for international sales. 

Target Audience

The majority of golf players are middle-aged men, ranging from the ages 28 to 40. Golf is an expensive sport so customers are willing to pay high prices for quality products. Thus the target audience for The Pro Shop would be middle-aged men who enjoy playing golf. 

Golf is for everyone.

Steps to grow their Digital Footprint

The Pro Shop should make use of three social media sites, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


LinkedIn is known to be a very professional social media platform where businesses and individuals can share their goals, achievements are even to showcase new products or services businesses have created. The Pro Shop should regularly post one inspiring or informational post and then another post of their latest deals or events that are going to happen. 


The Pro Shop would have to make use of Instagram to post their products and latest deals. There are loads of customers who like to visit the Instagram page of a business to see what they offer. The Pro Shop can also make use of Instagram to host giveaways to gain more followers. Each month The Pro Shop should create a giveaway that instructs the customer to post on their story the Giveaway Post that The Pro Shop has created and tag 3 friends. This way customers and their followers will see this and this could lead to potential customers and increase sales. 


The Pro Shop should make use of Youtube to create videos about certain products, preferably products that customers struggle to use. In these videos, they will clearly demonstrate how to use the products such as building it if required or how to use it. Customers can comment on these videos and this can also lead to more insight into how the customer feels about the product we can adjust to improve the product if it is a negative product or find ways to improve the product even if it’s a positive comment. The Pro Shop can also create a Tutorial section where customers can watch tutorial videos on how to be a better golfer. This will create some loyalty as customers are learning from your business they will be persuaded to purchase items from your business which will increase sales.



Goals should be realistic and attainable.

Short-term goals (completed in 1-3 Months): 

  • obtaining 300+ followers on linkedIn
  • Having more than 300 followers on instagram
  • Get 500 subscribers on Youtube.

Long-term goals:

  • Increase sales volume by 25%
  • Monetize the business Youtube channel, having 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.
  • Have over a thousand followers on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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