Digital Marketing Business – A plan to start one.

Digital Marketing Business

In today’s economy having a side hustle or starting a new business can be daunting, this is a step-by-step guide to starting a digital marketing business from the ground up. The strategy revolves around gaining a customer base and generating business from those customers.

Vision and Mission

To help small business owners with the creation and running of social media accounts, using analytics to optimize their content. Creating new business opportunities while harnessing several social media platforms.

While using content to boost a business it is vital that a client base is created as well. The more satisfied clients, a business owner has the better the reviews. Which in turn creates new opportunities.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is used to gauge the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that a business may face when executing the strategy. In this case these are things that will help the digital marketer to stand out from the crowd or possible obstacles that they may face.


  • Based in an area with a large amount of smaller business run by older people who don’t know how to use technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • An owner with a keen eye for new trends


  • Small business run by one person, if the owner is ill, there is no work that can be done
  • Starting out with no capital injection.


  • Many small business in the area
  • There are very few digital Marketing enterprises in the area
  • People are looking for someone from their community to help them out.


  • Other business’ in the area
  • People underestimate the business owner’s ability.

The above mentioned SWOT analysis can help guide the business owner to their audience as well as help steer them away from potential problems.


After analyzing what can hinder and help the future business opportunities it is important to set goals. These goals are split into short and long term goals that help the owner work towards something.

Short term goals

Short term goals are those goals that can be achieved within the next 6 months.

  1. Create a client base
  2. Generate a stable income from regular posting 
  3. Create a Facebook page and Google – my business.

Long term goals

These goals are set in the time frame of longer than 6 months to 2 years.

1.Create a stable business line of posting.

2. Create engagement.

3. Gain more clients

While setting goals are important it becomes clear that the owner must be more specific about these goals, exactly how long will the owner give the business or indeed themselves to achieve the goals and exactly to what extent must the goals reached.

SMART Objectives 

Smart objectives are set Specific goals that are Measurable while being Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. This means that each objective adheres to the above criteria as to keep them reaching for higher possibilities while still being attainable. 

  • Create a client base of 10 people in the next 3 months
  • Generate a stable income from regular posting of 2 small businesses within the next 2 months
  • Create a Facebook page and Google – my business in the next 3 Months.
  • Create a stable business line of posting on a weekly basis for 10 businesses within the next year.
  • Create engagement and have over 200 likes on the Facebook page within the next 12 Months.

While setting objectives is important it now comes to question, how does one make these objectives a reality? And who are the people that the digital marketer will be towards attracting?

Customer analysis

The customer analysis looks at the type of people the owner will be targeting to set their strategy in motion.

The customers are from the Helderberg Basin area, they are mostly people in their prime who are technically challenged or need a bit of help setting up social media or promoting their business. They want things set up on their desktop as well as their mobile devices for convenience.These are small business owners who want to expand their business by using digital platforms to appeal to new demographics.

Now that we know who to help we must set forth a plan to help these small business owners. What are the steps to achieving this great aspiration?

Action Plan

The plan is a documented way to reach the above mentioned goals and objectives. These are used as a sort of recipe to the success of the business.

  1. Look for opportunities to take on new clients
  2. Attract new clients
  3. Reach out to other potential clients
  4. Create a Facebook page to showcase work and advertise on local groups.
  5. Advertise services on Facebook,Gumtree and local groups.
  6. Once a client who is willing and able to pay for your services is identified it is of utmost importance to execute tasks in an orderly and timely manner to create satisfaction among clients
  7. Acquire clientele who want weekly posting done.
  8. Get satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on the Facebook page.
  9. Grow the business by generating new clientele on the advice of satisfied customers.

In conclusion, generating more traffic to your channels of advertisement such as your social media can be done not only by you generating content but also with the help of satisfied customers. 

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