Strategy Plan for Visa Agents

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Strategic Plan

“A broken immigration system means broken families and broken lives.”

Jose Antonio Vargas

By Erica Mateus

Visa Agents

1 Church Street

Dumbarton House

Cape Town, 7925


Visa Agents is a company that provides immigration services to clients from all over the world within South Africa. Some of the services they provide are:

South African Visa

  1. Study Visa
  2. Medical Visa
  3. Special Visa
  4. Work Visa

International Visas

  1. Angolan Visa (as well as Angolan Birth Certificate and Passport)
  2. Brazilian Visa
  3. Canadian Visa
  4. UK Visa
  5. Schengen Visa

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, hassle-free and seamless immigration services to our clients.

Vision Statement

To ensure that immigrants live legally in the countries they choose to immigrate to.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Client Value Creation
  • Timely services


The business currently relies on word of mouth marketing to spread the word and have no social media presence. The target audience is people looking to immigrate who do not have the time to deal with document preparation or long visa processing times.

Since this service is in high demand there are many competitors in the market. Many of the competitors have a social media presence and have their own websites and blogs. Providing not just immigration services but immigration advice as well as travel and tourism trips. This puts Visa Agents’ competitors ahead of them when people are looking for immigration services. 

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Company Analysis

As mentioned above the company is at a disadvantage compared to its competitors. In order to understand this disadvantage and create an effective digital marketing plan, I have conducted a SWOT analysis. Please see below the results.

SWOT Analysis

The business has been in the market for 5 years.
There are many success stories that prove the reliability of your services. 
You have hands-on knowledge of the changes in immigration laws in the countries you serve. 
You have built good relations with the people at immigration centres, embassies and consulates which facilitates the application process. 
No social media presence.
No track record to show clients your success and failure rates.
Not easily accessible or easy to find.
High demand for immigration services.
With the constant changes in immigration laws, people are looking for reliable and current information.
Many competitors in the market.
Constant changes in immigration laws in different countries. 
Covid-19.Travel regulations.

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Strategic Goals and Actions

With the vision and mission of the company in mind and after analyzing the company’s current marketing plan I have come up with a digital marketing plan that will be easy and cost-free to implement. It will require time, dedication and consistency from the employees. The action plan will need to be followed strictly in the first year in order to build a strong foundation and to yield the desired results.

Goal Statement

To build a digital marketing strategy that will attract customers and put the business on the map giving it an equal chance to compete in its market. To do this we will have to meet our target audience in the platforms where they spend their time searching for information. With the use of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, a website and a personal goal we can provide for the needs of our customers. Not just by providing immigration services but also by providing relevant information they may need to make informed immigration decisions.

Strategic objectives

  • To establish a social media presence
  • To attract potential customers
  • To gain a competitive advantage
  • To inform current customers of changes in immigration laws

Action Planner

ActionDuePerson ResponsibleStatusPriority
Launch social media accounts1 April 2022Elizabeth SmithIn progressHigh
Get current customers to follow and share social media details4 April 2022Chantel MortonNot startedHigh
Brainstorm ideas for the website8 April 2022Elizabeth SmithChantel MortonVincent RileyCharles GoudNot startedMedium
Website launch1 July 2022Charles GoudNot startedLow
Brainstorm ideas and topics for the blog6 May 2022Elizabeth SmithChantel MortonVincent RileyCharles GoudNot startedMedium
Blog launch1 August 2022Charles GoudNot startedLow
Create a content posting planner6 May 2022Elizabeth SmithChantel MortonVincent RileyCharles GoudNot startedHigh
Monitor social media accounts, website and blogDailyElizabeth SmithVincent RileyNot startedHigh

More Actions

  1. Create content that is relevant and attractive to both current and potential customers. 
  2. Ensure that your website and blogs are optimised for search engines.
  3. Use popular hashtags related to immigration and travelling.
  4. Ask your clients what kind of content/information they are looking for.
  5. Ensure that you are responding and interacting with your current and potential customers daily by answering their questions and asking them some questions.
  6. Ensure that you claim your business address on google my business this shows customers where to find you if they can’t reach you online. 

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Evaluation of the plan


I believe that I have created a specific plan with actions that have specific due dates. The goals set for the company’s digital media marketing are clear.


I have assigned a year for the company to implement this plan before they can see results. A believe that a year is enough time to attract customers and put the business on the map giving it an equal chance to compete in its market.


If the plan is strictly followed you will be able to achieve your goals within a year especially because of the demand there is for your services. 


Immigration has been part of human history since the beginning of time. It will be around for as long as humans as exist and with the changes in technology, there need to be changes in the way these services are advertised. In order for this business to stay relevant and strive it needs to use current conventional methods to promote itself. 


Each action in the action plan has a due date to indicate when the action needs to be completed. Setting small tasks will help ensure that the plan is completed on time. 

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