• What is the plan about? 

The plan is to get more customers at fast food restaurants . For calling clients we need to develop some strategies which are better than our competitors. So we need to think of some unique strategy which is not followed by any of our competitors.

(Hot Dog )
  • Mission and Vision of the plan

           MISSION– To serve  the maximum number of customers at our restaurant.

           VISION– To develop the faith and taste of our food in the heart of customers for keeping their stomach full and healthy.



  • Raw material is easily available. 
  • Location of the restaurant is in the Porche area.
  • Neighborhood is all working people so there would be more chances to get customers everyday.
  • Existing brand with new specialties .
  • Customers are already aware of our brand.
  • Giving a home taste to our customers.
  • Make customers feel like a family is eating together.
  • Full support from the government.
  • Different meals will be served on different days.


  • Food items cannot be stored for more than 2 days .
  • Electricity , water and gas bills would be high.
  • Arranging capital for our business.
  • Finding a good and reachable  location for our restaurant.


  • Taxes might go up
  • If our competitor comes up with another different taste then it would be difficult for us to retain our customers.
  • Legal rules and restrictions on entry and exit from the industry.


  • Get a sponsorship from any well known celebrity or political party. 
  • If our customers like our taste then we can go outside the country to participate in a food festival.
  • To start more restaurants in the same city or in a country .



  • To achieve the best service award in the fast food industry.
  • To gain trust and satisfaction from the customers.
  • To fit our taste of food in the minds and hearts of customers.
  • To fulfill all needs and wants of customers.
  • To be the number 1 fast food restaurant in the city or state.


  • I want my customers to come to my restaurant not just because they are hungry but,
  • Because of our service, the way we  serve them , our taste which we make for them and the way by which we welcome our customers.
  • I wanna know my customers likes and dislikes so that before they enter in my restaurant .
  • I can know that this client don’t like more species so do not put spicy in her order and this client would prefer more spicy so when I will start knowing these things then that day I can tell proudly that yes, I know my customer choices.
  • I have observed  that most fast food restaurants are not hygienic so I want to make my restaurant properly hygienic and the second thing is that mostly restaurants will use spoiled vegetables .
  • Because they think customers cannot see this but after if they would be having any stomach upset or any kind of problem then they will never choose to eat at my restaurant .
  • So I will make sure that I will use fresh vegetables for making food for my customers because I want to call them again . 
  • I will treat my employees like my family because they are the ones because of them I will be able to reach my goals.


  • I will not let my customers wait more for their orders.
  • I will give ‘buy 1  get 1’  free  dessert to my permanent customer .
  • If any clients comes with a small baby then they will get pure and fresh cow milk to feed to their babies.
  • Because while eating sometimes small babies starts crying then their mom and dad cannot focus on food .
  • So for that we will provide a fresh cow milk to young and small children parents so that they can eat without any worries and their child will also be feed.
  • We will register our clients personal details like their birthdays ,anniversaries ,etc.
  • So if they come to our restaurant on their birthdays or anniversaries then they will get 30% off on their final bills + free cake from our side. 


  • I believe I would be having enough team members to start in the beginning.
  • My supplier would be able to provide raw material on time.
  • As my customers are already aware of the brand so It would not be that much challenging to fit the brand in the minds of customers.
  • As there would not be more waiting periods for clients so there are more chances to get more customers.
  • We can serve more customers in less time because we have enough human resources .
  • If we follow these action plans then we will definitely get success.
  • Delivery of raw material has been finalized before 1 day of finishing the existing  stock .
  • Bank interest should be paid within installments every month so that it would be easy to pay a bit every month rather than to pay a lump sum at the end.
  • Suppliers must be paid after every 15 days . 
  • Rent , tax and Bank installment these three things should be paid every month.

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