Digital Marketing Strategy for a Fitness & Nutrition Studio

Today more than ever, companies need to establish an online presence to create awareness, promote their brand and generate sales. The fitness industry has suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic, customers started to exercise more at home and their habits changed during this period.

In this article we will provide you with an example of a digital marketing strategy for an Online fitness & nutrition studio – HealthyFit Studio.

Define who you are and what you do offer considering the customers perspective:

We are passionate about health and sport. Our goal is to transform your fitness routine into an amazing experience that will energize and inspire you like no other.

Our Mission – make you feel good in your body: “Every Body is beautiful!”

Have a clear Unique Value Proposition (USP) – we offer a combination of fitness workouts and nutrition personalized menus/advices – personalized experience


Identify your target market and break it down in smaller groups that share similar characteristics -> Customer Personas segmented on:

  • Demographics (age gender, marital status, income, education)
  • Psychographics (group of people that share common values, opinions, interests, attitudes)
  • Behavioral attributes
  • Needs

“HealtyFit Studio” Customer Personas:

  1. Work from Home trendy Anna: 20-35 woman, lives in an urban area, single, vegetarian, stylish, career focused and interested in feeling and looking good. Her need is to find diverse workouts and easy to prepare recipes, personalized for her diet.
  2. Stay at Home Mom Ellen: 28 -45 woman, married, lives in a suburban area, active, always on the run, with little time to spend for herself, interested in healthy eating, healthy living and staying in shape. She needs to increase her free time, fast meal-prep solutions and short workouts.

Set Goals that are SMART

  • Sell 100 online workouts & 50 meal plans online in the first month
  • Sell 50 monthly subscriptions
  • Increase web traffic 5% month over month

Research your COMPETITORS

Check out what they offer, what needs do they cover and what opportunities you may find.

Monitor their website, their social media accounts, the customers reviews, and their paid advertisements. See if there are having any special campaigns, promotions, discounts they are offering.

Create your STRATEGY

We created a step-by-step plan to guide you in developing your own digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing for the website: the website is one of the most important assets of your online business.

  • create a website if you don’t have one or optimize the exiting one
  • make sure is mobile friendly – you can test that here:
  • make sure to keep it updated and to reflect your brand
  • the website should be easy to navigate, simple and intuitive
  • write relevant, useful and engaging content, that truly connects with your audience
  • build specific landing pages if you have certain campaigns (for example, for our HealtyFit Club we might have Subscription renewal for 50% off, so we would build a landing page around this)
  • improve the SEO ranking: research the keywords that are relevant for your business and use them to create valuable content. You can use tools for evaluating keywords ranking, such as: Attract useful links from other websites, this will help you increase your site’s authority. Adapt your SEO strategy based on real data evaluation.

Digital marketing with paid advertising

You should have in mind the return of your investment, meaning that you need that your investment in paid advertising to deliver sales and keeps your business profitable. Keep your eyes on the Customer Acquisition Cost and the Customer Lifetime Value, two KPIs that will help you decide the budget you want to allocate for the paid advertising.

A few tips:

  • create relevant ads for your audience
  • focus on what makes you unique while using keywords
  • add a Call to Action

For our HealtyFit Studio we could use:

“Stay Healty and Fit! Personalized nutrition advices and fitness workouts!

Enroll now and get 50% off for the next month”

Digital marketing on Social Media

  • Know your audience: what are their interests, what platforms do they use, what is their way of communicating
  • Choose the networks where your audience is spending their time
  • Focus on entertaining and educating, don’t over promote
  • Develop a community – start a group, in our case it could be on Healty nutrition or staying fit
  • Follow and join in the conversation on relevant topics of your business

Digital Marketing – Email Marketing

Focus on gaining new email subscribers & maintaining and getting revenue from the existing ones

Split the database into detailed customer segments. In our case it could be: new customers, customers focused mainly on nutrition, customers that prefer workouts, customers interested in a specific type of workout, loyal subscribers, customers that added a service in their cart but never purchased etc.

Remarketing the abandoned customers should also be part of your strategy

Evaluate results, look for KPIs such as: Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Conversion Rate for specific actions, Bounce Rate, Device from which the email is opened

Digital Marketing with Influencers

Consider choosing relevant and authentic influencers that can add value to your marketing efforts. In our case, we could choose a popular Stay at home mom which talks about her struggles and her lack of time for herself and her fitness routine.

Or you could choose a Trendy Work from Home popular influencer that could share her favorite workouts or easy to make recipes.

Measure your success – Analytics

  • Measure your results and evaluate opportunities for improvement
  • Check your results against your goals: website traffic, number of conversions, monthly revenue and cost per acquisition

We hope this digital marketing plan will add value to your strategy.

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