Growth Hacking vs Digital Marketing?!

What is Growth Hacking?

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Growth Hacking is an experimental way that has several sections which help businesses to grow in an efficient method. One of the important sections that are analyzed in Growth Hacking is Marketing.

Actually, growth hacking is useful for startups that don’t have enough budgets, marketing resources, and teams unlike other big companies. Growth hacking consists of creative ideas to allow startups to bypass the expenses of growth while growing in the early stages.

One of the amazing examples of this method is Dropbox. It promotes its cloud storage by offering a bonus for those who invite their friend to use the platform. This referral system is one of the samples of hacking in the marketing section which was very useful for a company growth.

What is the Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing strategies focus on establishing techniques that improve steadily without analyzing the risk ,however, Growth Hacking is all about testing, analyzing data, trying out new ways, and setting up short-term goals.

The basic strategies of marketing are usually about traction rate or customer loyalty, grabbing attention with new techniques. Also, digital marketer concentrates on emotional engagement tools such as storytelling and brand affiliation.

Typically, strategies of digital marketing include:
• SEO to improve inbound marketing.
• Designing and managing social media for better audience engagement.
• Content marketing that provides useful information for free.

Final comments: Which one is better?

That isn’t a logical question for this part. You must analyze your business and find out what is the best way for you. maybe you are an early-stage startup or a big company and need to hire a digital marketer. All the ways are useful and all of that depends on your business situation and approaches.

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