How the Blog do you write a Blog?

Have you ever wanted to write a blog but found it a little intimidating to start, and find the right layout? Here are 4 important points to remember when writing a blog. If you keep these 4 points in mind and implement them when creating a blog, you will find yourself creating different blogs with ease in no time!

How to write a blog for digital marketing

1. Choose a subject niche

The easiest way to start is by choosing something you are passionate about. So start by asking yourself what do you love talking about? What do you find easy to talk about to your friends or family?

If you choose a subject that interests you it will also be easier to do research on it before starting to write it. Whether it’s cooking, finance or reading, choose the subject niche that you love talking about and you will find it easy to write about.

2.Use Headings to write a blog

Now, when starting your blog you will need to come up with a heading that describes what your blog will be about. Think carefully about this. Is it a question you are answering? Are you reviewing a product? Or are you telling a story or life experience?  Choose an appropriate heading and create the rest of your blog around that.

Next, you need to break your blog up into bite sizes. No one can eat an entire plate of food in just one bite, so make your blog easy to read by using smaller subheadings to break the blog up into easy-to-read sections.

3.Use smaller paragraphs

The first thing the reader sees after reading your headlines is the paragraphs. Due to so much material being in video and picture format these days people don’t like seeing long and wordy paragraphs. So, keep your paragraphs small by using only 3 to 6 sentences for each paragraph.

4.The Ending

The reader has read your blog and reached the end, Yay! To make sure your points are remembered and to bring it all together you need to end with a short summary of all the subheadings you discussed. How do you do that?

Here’s an example as an ending to this blog!

Writing a blog doesn’t need to be difficult, just choose a subject you enjoy and then break your blog up into bite sizes with subheadings and small paragraphs. You will be writing great blogs in no time!

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