Written By: Bongiwe Njovane 

Are you a creative or a high school student looking for more information on digital marketing? Or are you tired of your normal 9-5 job and is looking for a new platform to grow? Digital Marketing is a career where you are use the internet as a space where you market items (such as food, clothes and printers etc.). In this blog I will be discussing the importance, the different types and what digital marketing is.

Why is it important?

It creates a great audience and variety of people, because lots of people are always online or on the internet. Digital Marketing works with digital tactics and channels, which make it easier for people to connect. People are able to connect via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (just to name a few).

How to Do Digital Marketing?

1.  Define your goals

2.  Identify your target audience

3.  Establish a budget for each digital channel

4.  Strike a good balance between paid and free digital strategies

5.  Create engaging content

6.  Optimize your digital assets for mobile

7.  Conduct keyword research

8.  Perform based on the analytics you measure

Different Types of Digital Marketing 

1.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2.   Online PR

3.   Content Marketing hello4.  Pay Per Click (PPC)

To complete this blog: Digital Marketing is has been around for a while and is continuously growing and there isn’t hasn’t been a space where people are able to grow – IIDM provides that space where people are able to grown, where you are able to get certification as well as experience working for clients. Click on the link below to increase your knowledge on digital marketing.

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