Why use Instagram for marketing?

The visual nature of Instagram distinguishes it from other social networking networks. Instagram is the ideal medium to promote content if you have a business that benefits from the design of your product or if you offer a service with a visible end result.

Video, images, and illustration are all excellent content options for this social media site, but your marketing plan will ultimately determine what type of content to share and how frequently. Establishing a strategy before jumping into a new social media platform, regardless of how well it works for others businesses, will keep you focused on your goals and, most crucially, your audience.

After Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social media platform. Over one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories users make up the popular visual-first social media platform. The social media site has attracted everyone. Individuals, dogs, and, you guessed it, corporations are all included in the term “everyone”. The number of brands with a presence on the platform has exploded. According to Oberlo, 71% of US firms utilize Instagram. Is it, however, worth their time, and should your company be as well? Yes, and here’s why:

·         Instagram has approximately one billion monthly active users and 500 million Instagram Stories every day.

·         In the United States, 140 million people use Instagram.

·         After Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social media platform. On average, users spend 53 minutes each day browsing.

·         Approximately 71 percent of businesses in the United States utilize Instagram.

·         Nearly half of Instagram’s users are aged 18 to 44.

Instagram is clearly no longer only for personal usage. It’s now a global platform that allows businesses to humanize their content, acquire fresh talent, display their products, and inspire their customers.

Furthermore, Instagram users are not just active, but also engaged. Approximately 59 percent of the platform’s active users log on at least seven times each week to browse content and communicate with friends and brands.

Instagram may also help you promote new items and raise brand awareness. 130 million Instagram users engage with commerce posts each month. Instagram allows you to market your business and goods in a nice, real way to your customers without being pushy.

Create a marketing strategy for Instagram

·         Establish Instagram objectives.

·         Figure out who you want to reach on Instagram.

·         Make a comparison of your competitors.

·         Create a schedule for publishing.

·         On Instagram, develop a recognizable brand.

·         Increase the number of people who are following you on Instagram.

Many businesses are under pressure to be present on every social media site possible… and they neglect to consider strategy. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

Instagram requires a unique marketing strategy due to its differences from other major social media platforms. Begin by defining your brand’s distinct style here.

Use Instagram to promote your company

You can start converting your followers into paying clients once you’ve built up a loyal following. Here are a few tactics to consider.

Deals, discounts, BOGOs, and other offers are a terrific method to get your Instagram audience to buy for the first time. Include instructions on how your followers may get the deal, as well as a deadline to generate a sense of urgency.

·         Contests: What better method to turn someone into a customer than to give them the opportunity to try out your product? Run contests that require people to follow your account or use a hashtag in their post to be eligible to win.

·         Charity: Millennials expect corporations to demonstrate a public commitment to charity, according to 81%. As a result, your brand’s affinity will grow, and your followers will become consumers. Gap, for example, collaborated with The Global Fund to aid in the fight against AIDS in Africa. It has aided in the raising of nearly $130 million since 2006.

·         Teasers: Instagram is a terrific place to give your followers sneak peeks at new products before they’re released. While you don’t want to bombard your followers’ feeds with nothing but product shots, a few images can help to build anticipation.

Consider using Instagram Live to announce the debut of a new product or service. Then, in your bio, include a purchase link to encourage users to buy.

Remember to use the link in your Instagram bio, as well as your Instagram Story Highlights, to direct fans to your website, blog, and product sites.

Finally, be sure to advertise your Instagram account on other platforms. Include a social share button for Instagram on your website and post your Instagram on other social media networks. Asking for more followers is sometimes the quickest method to get them!

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