Is your business ready for digital era?

Make sure your business is ready for the digital era.

Today’s digital landscape is changing at a high pace. You need to stay ahead of time and prepare your business to succeed in this ever-changing digital world.

Here’s a few key tips we have gathered for your business evolution:

Social Customer Relationship Management Tools

Social Customer Relashionship Management, digital marketing

Social CRM is a social media online tool (such as: Sprout Social, Salesforce, Sprinklr, EngageBay and many more) used in order to support businesses better engage with their customers.

Social CRM adds a social dimension to the relationship you have with your customers. You can use it for:

·       Marketing – you can better engage and interact with your customers

·       Customer support – you can manage your customers complaints and comments that come from the social media platforms. Therefore you will be able to reply faster to their feedback and also personalize the customer interaction

·       Sales – you can gather all customer related data in one record and have one database with all relevant details for each customer

Agile Methodologies

Agile team, Digital transformation

Agile is becoming one of the most popular project management methods. It provides flexibility and it is a method based on an iterative and incremental approach to project management.

What are the benefits of choosing Agile for your business?

·       Agile trained teams work more efficiently and they collaborate better, therefore being more productive

·       Agile transformation shortens the time cycles and so allows high responsiveness to change

·       It delivers superior quality product

·       It gives managers a better control over the entire project and transparency in the whole process

Currently there are multiple methodologies that are successfully implemented in organizations (SAFe, Scum, ICAgile, Kanban and more). To know which one is best suited for your business, you should get guidance from professionals in Agile Transformations.

Viviane Schickle, CEO and Co-founder of Audients Digital, a company specialized in Agile coaching and Digital Transformation:” Agile simplifies the way of working, switching from long term, constant and not adaptable processes to agile, flexible and easy to adapt ones.”

Social Media Automation Tools help your business

Social media Marketing, digital tools

If your business has multiple social media accounts, you should consider using a Social Media Marketing Automation Tool (such as Heropost, Hootsuite, Loomly and others).

·       This will allow you to have consistency in your Social Media communication. You will be providing your audience with relevant content when they need it , thus they will become loyal to your feed

·       It will save you valuable time: you can schedule in advance all your Social Media posts and manage the calendar of posts from one single platform. This way, the distribution of your content will become more efficient.

Explore, see what Social Media Marketing Automation Tool works best for your business’s needs and rely on it to simplify your social media posting schedule.

Digital Analytics Tools for your business

Data Analytics tools, business goals

After all the effort put into your business, you need to measure your success and to see where there is room for improvement.

With web analytics tools such as Google Analytics you will better understand your digital customers.

The tools will monitor your customer interactions with your website, and it will send the data back to Google where it is consolidated into graphs.

You will gather valuable insight not only on your customers demographics, but also to their behavior and interests.

Analyze the data and adapt your strategy, this way you will optimize your return from the marketing efforts.

To find out more about Agile Transformation or Digital Marketing, check out

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