Is the Green Digital Transformation the new Era?

Lately companies have found grave problems with the transition to the green digital transformation. This is to accelerate the use of green digital technologies for the benefit of the environment.

The Idea of green digital transformation is to create a sustainable digital concept in the business; that is to say sustainability communications agencies for instance.

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However for the SME it is complicated after the increasing raw materials costs to clean energy power, to structure their businesses or to develop new processes.

Indeed, trends show how difficult the transition is after the pandemic situation, at some level like logistic costs, lack of the availability of specific resources such as steel, aluminum or packaging like full 40” containers and etc…

In this phase governments mean to set a course for net global carbon emissions to reach zero by 2050. A new challenge for companies that have to quickly change the mindset, the mission of their organization and the ways of working.

In Europe leaders have already planned a solution to speed up this transition. The NextGenerationEU (NGEU) fund is the European Union economic recovery package and it has been placed in order to face the crisis during the coronavirus pandemic.

The NGEU agreement

This plan is a huge change from the austerity policy adopted after the financial crisis of 2007–2008 as the EU’s main response to economic crises.

Europe: NGEU agreement;

The aim is to assist the green transition; digital transformation; smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth and jobs;health and resilience; and policies for the next generation, implementing new rules in everyday life’s people on mobility and housing.

How have companies adapted to these new implementations?

These challenges have created a new environment where consumers have the chance to  develop new demands and needs. That is why companies might bet on green digital marketing to gain new customers and improve profits.

Indeed a great part of consumers buy from brands doing social or environmental good, especially millennials who are willing to pay more for products from more socially responsible companies.

Going for green digital marketing is both responsible and economical. On one hand, it enables companies to develop a sustainable strategy. On the other hand, it provides companies with an opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage.

It is not just a matter of profits, but also the future workforce

60% of millennials seek employers with a clear purpose, a company where the vision embraces digital strategy and responsibility of the environment. So, businesses should invest in Social media Marketing in order to convince the audience about the specificity of their products. Indeed, 87% of the Socials are used for 3 main reasons:

  • Create a strong and long lasting relationship with customers.
  • Develop new sales opportunities
  • Be competitive in a demanding market

The birth of the new Green Digital Era

negoziation; agreement; digital transformation

The complexity in the market after the pandemic situation launched a real mindset upgrade in enterprises to embrace innovation, an announcement of opportunity to pursue a new level of business in organizations.

In a few words, the new Green Digital Era is the ratio between the Digital transformation and the Green economy.

The innovation regards the complete transformation of the entire organization into a reactive one, nimble and able to share creativity and cooperation. In this case it’s possible to talk about Agile transformation, which led to revolutionizing business models and product development.

The end result of this transformation lets companies be able to meet new customer’s needs and its satisfaction, find right applications to be used in the processes and share knowledge among the different departments involving both human and digital spheres.

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