How To Get More People Seeing Your Art With Digital Marketing


When they are young, most artists usually create art for their own enjoyment or for showing it to their friends and family.

Eventually, some try to pursue an art career.

This is when they are confronted with three realities: 1. Art is hard 2. Art is subjective and 3. They need to learn how to sell their art.

Most artists,however, are not known for their marketing skills. Most of the time, you hear of art in galleries going for millions but the process of getting into galleries is a slow, tiresome, and often expensive process.

According to artmarketingnews artists nowadays can rarely rely on gallery income alone. So the process isn’t really worth it either.

Fortunately, there are many ways for artists to market their art apart from just art galleries alone. The more modern and cheaper choice is digital marketing.

A lot of the time, artists rely on digital methods to succeed nowadays. Not just to simplify the process of making the art but also to sell it.

Offline marketing strategies can be useful but often need more effort and money to pull off. Evidently, online marketing strategies are the better choice.

So why digital marketing?

Art, digital marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the internet. 

Artists only really need access to the internet to use it, it’s cheap and can be measured daily. It’s much easier for an artist to pivot his/her art if one or two pieces are not performing too well. At least when compared to traditional methods.

Digital marketing has many tools that artists can use to increase traffic for their business. This includes Search Engine Optimization(SEOs), Pays per click(PPC), and many more.

With all of this in mind, how do modern artists make effective use of digital marketing?

How professionals use digital marketing to promote their art

Art, digital marketing

By creating online art portfolios

Artists can use websites such as Inprnt to display artworks or even create their very own websites. It’s entirely up to them.

It also helps when the artists use only the best of their most recent artworks.

If they do plan to make their own website then sites such as Wix are very useful and allow for easy navigation.

A quality portfolio will also greatly encourage word of mouth.

Creating consistency

One of the things that customers appreciate the most is consistency. This does not mean artists need to post every day.

It simply means that finding a schedule and being consistent will help build connections and loyalty from potential customers.

Using resources such as Heropost will help simplify the process.

By using SEO

SEO is a great tool to use once artists have got a decent website up and running. It will help their website rank higher on internet search results.

By using PPC

PPC is another marketing strategy in which artists can pay to advertise their work on other people’s websites.

By paying for social media ads

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have premium options that allow you to advertise your work on their platforms. They also allow you to do your own advertisements on their platform.

It takes a lot of time and patience to invest in social media, so artists should make sure they find the right marketing strategy for them and stick to it.

Creating art blogs

Depending on the art career artists choose, blogs are a great way to create a community and breed curiosity about their work. It also helps to write thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.

Using email marketing

According to artmarketingnews, email marketing has more Return on Investment(ROI) than any other digital marketing strategy.

It is probably the best, easiest, and most affordable marketing strategy artists can use when dealing with customers.

Creating art videos

Creating videos on sites such as Youtube is a great way to reach potential clients and improve their brand. Youtube videos typically have a wider reach than most other video-sharing platforms.

It’s a good way for artists to build their community and relationships with potential customers.

Eventually, once artists have built up enough notoriety, they can collab with other content creators and acquire even more potential customers for art.

By using influencer marketing

Another good marketing strategy is influencer marketing. This is when artists pay famous content creators to promote their products on the creator’s platform.

Some of their audience might become interested in the artists product and will want to see what they are selling.


In conclusion, there are many ways for artists to market their art whether it creating a portfolio, a blog, or using SEO. The digital marketing landscape has never been more open to creatives.

It’s up to them to choose if they use these tools or not.

About the author:

Elijah Fredericks is a passionate young artist and digital marketer. He graduated from Pinelands High in 2020 and is currently doing an internship at the International Institute of Digital Marketing. You can find him here on Instagram and Twitter.

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