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Nowadays, customer attraction strategy always plays a decisive role in the survival of a store. Letting customers know is one thing, creating trust and making purchase decisions is another. Here are 3 extremely simple and effective ways to attract customers synthesized by the International Institute Of Digital Marketing that you can apply to increase sales for your store.

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image1. How to attract customers?

1. Brand Differentiation

To differentiate yourself to attract new customers, it’s not always about the product. If you do not have the ability to create a differentiated product, focus on services, people, identity,… How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors, so that you don’t mix in the line? Hundreds of other stores is not an easy thing, please refer to the following tips to attract customers:

– Service difference: An easy-to-understand illustration of the service difference that can be mentioned here is Pizza Dominoes. While the Pizza market is very competitive and the product is almost the same, the Pizza Domino’s brand has made a mark in the hearts of customers with its free 30-minute or free pizza delivery service. They promise that customers will receive Pizza within 30 minutes of placing an order, otherwise customers will enjoy free pizza. This is a great idea to attract customers.

– Difference in the image: Some cafes have strange concepts that will surely make customers remember and often visit, check-in take pictures, etc. Some cafes can be mentioned such as Cafe at the end of the alley with ancient concept and country orchestra violin, the melodious guitar plays every Friday night, Cat cafe for cat lovers,…

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image2. Branding social media

2. Enhance advertising and marketing campaigns

One of the most popular ways to attract customers today is through advertising. In there are two forms of advertising are paid and organic advertising. Depending on the budget and size of the store apply different methods. There are 3 most popular ways to attract customers that are applied by many stores:

– Run Facebook ads: Minimum fee of 1$/day, you can create ads and start running. Just prepare 1 Fanpage, 1 personal account and 1 Visa card to start running Facebook ads. Because of that simplicity, Facebook advertising is the most popular form of advertising today. However, to advertise effectively is a difficult problem, because the effects are caused by many things such as Account quality, spending budget, products, product images, articles, advertising words, running techniques,…

– Google / Youtube ads: Similar to Facebook ads, but these forms will be more complicated, so only big stores, having their own website or youtube channel will apply this form of running.

– Advertising on Tiktok / Instagram: Popular social networks besides Facebook are great markets not to be missed, you can spend money to advertise appearing on these social networks, or make good content to reach customers for free. However, consider applying these social networks because your audience is not necessarily suitable. Tiktok and Instagram will be suitable for fashion, cosmetics, beauty young customers.

All of the above channels can reach customers through paid or organic forms. However, if you do not pay, you will also spend a lot of time searching, interacting with customers or your advertising content must also be of extremely high quality to attract customers to buy.

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image 3. Social media trend

3. Regular interaction with loyal customers

Retaining customers from the first time they come to your store by saving personal information, phone number, email … is one of the most effective ways to attract customers to return to the store for the second time. 

When you have customer data in hand, classify customers to have a reasonable care program: Regular customers with order value > $100/month, First-time customers, one-time customers only. Please specifically classify each customer group, limit spam messages for all customers, and only text on certain occasions such as their birthday, or send promotional codes to loyal customers.


Above are 3 ways to attract new customers to increase sales and revenue for the store. It helps you answer questions like “How to get more customers?”, “How do customers buy your products?”

To implement a strategy to attract new customers, the International Institute Of Digital Marketing will have effective support courses to help you. Take some time to experience the online course and feel its effectiveness.

About the author:

Iris Hoang is a young digital marketer who graduated in Business Administration – Marketing from Seneca College. She is currently doing an internship at the International Institute of Digital Marketing.

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